Yellowstone Troutfitter is about more than just catching fish. I strongly believe that catching fish is just one of many facets that make fly fishing an art one can enjoy for a lifetime. While I have no doubt that I can get any angler in to fish, my hope is that by the end of a day on the water you will have gained skills that will enhance your love and enjoyment for an art that has played a major role in my life. I grew up fishing the waters of Idaho and Montana and therefore I feel confident we will have a great day of pursuing trout, but I am also an Interpretive Ranger in Yellowstone National Park and I love to share my knowledge of the ecosystem with those willing to learn. At the day’s end of your fishing adventure with Yellowstone Troutfitter I feel confident that you will not only have developed or deepened your love for fly fishing, but that you will also have become a steward of our Western trout streams for a long time to come.

I offer the following river experiences:

Half and Full Day Drift Boat Trips*

Half and Full Day Wade Trips*

Multi-day Overnight Float Trips

Day Hikes and Multi-night Backpacking Trips

Fishing Tutorials-Lessons (for all ages and skill levels)

Scenic Floats with Interpretation

*half-day trips include drinks and snacks, full-day trips include drinks and lunch


Half and Full Day
Drift Boat Trips:

There is arguably no better way to spend a day in Yellowstone Country or Northwest Montana than by floating one of Montana’s famous rivers in search of trout. Whether it be the Yellowstone or Madison in the Greater Yellowstone Area, or the Bitterroot or Clark Fork in Northwest Montana, the day will begin with me picking you up at your hotel, lodge, or campsite and a drive to the put-in. From here on the day is yours, and we make of it whatever it is that you want: lessons, advice, interpretation of the surroundings, fishing tips, or if you want, just solid oar work.

On a half day float trip we will spend 4-6 hours on the water with drinks and snacks included.

A full day float trip will mean anywhere from 7-9 hours on the water, depending upon the fishing and your desire to keep on casting. Full day floats include a catered lunch and drinks.

Whether you are an expert caster or whether you have never cast a rod in your life, a float trip is for everyone. Any experienced angler will be amazed at their first 50 ft. drift from a boat, and the novice will enjoy not competing with brush on their back cast. All that is required is that one can cast 20 ft. of line, which we will have even the novice angler doing within the first hour of fishing.


Half and Full Day Wade Trips

While on a float trip we have the opportunity to see miles of river and dozens of holes, runs, and riffles, the wade trip will be to the likings of the angler who desires more intimacy with the trout stream. Whether it be on one of the larger rivers like the Yellowstone or Madison, or a smaller pocket water fishery like the Boulder or the Stillwater, wade fishing is the traditional way most fishermen learn the art of fly-fishing. Whether you are an advanced fisherman who wants someone to tie on flies and leader so you can enjoy your surroundings and guidance to the most productive holes or a novice who wants to learn the basics of reading water and presentation, the wade trip may be just what your looking for.

I wade fished for the first 15 years of my fly fishing journey before I ever fished from a boat, and while I love the feeling of floating a river and covering lots of water, the intimacy of wade fishing, legs in the water, slowing down until becoming one with the river, is something I always cherish. So while we can get out and wade fish at any point from the drift boat, if really getting to know a few holes, eddies, runs, and riffles sounds up your alley, then the wade trip may be just for you.


Multi-day Overnight Float Trips

This needs little explanation. Here we will embark upon a grand adventure combining two or more full day float trips with plenty of wade fishing in between, if desired. On overnight trips I provide the food, drinks, tents, bags, and pads. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag, headlamp, and anything else you need to be comfortable and we will share good food, laughter, stories, and more while enjoying a nice campfire along the shores of one of our finest Montana Rivers.


Day Hikes and Multi-night
Back Packing Trips

Here we will lace up the hiking boots, shoulder a pack and head into the wilds of Yellowstone Country. As an interpretive ranger I have been guiding hikes for the Park Service every summer for the last 4 years. The hikes can be whatever kind of adventure you wish, but usually will lead to a backcountry lake where we can fish for oversized brook trout, cutthroats, and the elusive golden trout. Whether heading out for the day, or an extended stay, a journey into the wilderness, a journey into grizzly country, is a journey that will always be remembered.


Fishing Tutorials and Lessons:

By the hour or for the day--you make the choice. Either way you will walk away from a few hours or full day lesson with the skills that you need to go out on any river and feel competent and capable of catching and landing fish. From the complete beginner to the advanced angler, we all have something to learn, and after a lesson or full day tutorial you will walk away with valuable skills to better your fly fishing.

For the novice we start at the very beginning. A fishing tutorial for the beginning angler will include: rod choice, knots, casting, how to read the water, and a lesson in streamside entomology.


Scenic Floats:

So maybe flinging a rod all day long is not your idea of an enjoyable river experience. Then join me for a float down one of the most incredible stretches of river any Montana water has to offer. You choose the river, or if you like I can make the call, but whatever choice you make we will be floating comfortably, in a sturdy drift boat, through paradise. As an interpretive ranger and naturalist the scenic float is one of my favorites because here we really get a chance to know the place. So if you want to just enjoy a scenic day on the river, or develop a sense of place through interpretation and experience, we can have a wonderful day that you can always keep in your scrapbook.

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